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Thermo Scientific NanoDrop instruments were the first microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometers and fluorospectrometers designed specifically for the life science market and have fundamentally changed DNA, RNA and protein analysis. With more than 35,000 instruments in labs worldwide, NanoDrop instruments have become the recognised standard for microvolume instrumentation.

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NanoDrop One/Onec

Prevent costly delays with an enhanced understanding of sample quality using the NanoDrop One micro-volume UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Innovative Thermo Scientific Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology is built into every instrument for improved measurement accuracy and contaminant identification. Quantify and qualify DNA, RNA, and protein samples in seconds with only 1-2 µL, and obtain full-spectral data before you decide to use samples in downstream applications. Additional cuvette position also available (NanoDrop Onec).


NanoDrop Lite

The NanoDrop Lite performs basic microvolume measurements. Its compact design, with built-in controls and software, make the NanoDrop Lite small enought to fit on any benchtop. The patented sample retention system allows sample to be pipetted directly onto the optical measurement surface. After measurement the sample is wiped off the measurement surface with a lint free lab wipe.


NanoDrop 8000

Multi-sample micro-volume UV-Vis spectrophotometer. With the NanoDrop 8000, you can measure more samples in less time with the same reliability and patented sample retention technology of the popular NanoDrop 2000.


NanoDrop 3300

Micro-volume fluorospectrometer. Utilising a patented sample retention system it minimises the mass detection limit while increasing sensitivity, allowing measurement of samples as low as 1 picogram/µl of dsDNA. The flexibility of the NanoDrop 3300 allows users to work with multiple brands of assays, giving them the freedom to select the best assay for a specific workflow.


NanoDrop 2000/2000c

PC controlled Micro-Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation. Using a patented sample retention technology that allows for sample volumes as small as 0.5 µL. Measure using either the micro-volume pedestal or cuvette.


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