Achieve new heights in performance

Achieve new heights in performance

Engineering Solutions for Aerospace and Defence

Proven and efficient instrumentation and equipment for flight testing and aerospace applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers elite products with high accuracy, stability and reliability under difficult environmental conditions. Our NATA accredited testing and on-site calibration compliments a distinctive customer experience.

Featured aerospace categories

Climatic and Thermostatic
Test Chambers

Apart from space simulators (known as Thermo Vacuum Chambers – TVC), ACS also paved the way to energy savings applied to the environmental simulation sector, obtaining a patent for FLOWER®, the first climatic chamber mindful of the environment and your budget. ACS FLOWER® is now equipped with the latest and most innovative software MyKratos™ and the remote diagnostics and servicing system MyAngel24™.

Industrial Data

DataTaker DT80/85 industrial data loggers support analog inputs, digital I/O, counters, SDI12 and intelligent sensors. The extensive range of sensors selection make this variant of DataTaker a good choice for complex aeronautics and defence projects where multiple output signals and multistage testing are required.

Accelerometers, Gyros,
Tilt and Magnetometers

A range of accelerometers based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology that are cost-effective solutions across a wide range of applications. This technology is also used in the tilt sensors and forms the basis of the 6DOF gyro systems – including advanced calculated pitch, roll, heading and GPS versions.

Structure Stress

Strain gauges are widely used in aviation and civil structure applications, such as stress analysis for wing deflection and ground vibration testing. Thermo Fisher represents Vishay Micro-Measurements range of precision strain gauges, strain sensors and instrumentation are designed to meet the many and varied test requirements encountered throughout the field of experimental stress analysis.
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