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Thermo Scientific B•R•A•H•M•S Kryptor compact PLUS

The Kryptor compact PLUS is a fully automated random-access immunoassay system – provides optimal analytical precision as well as maximum economic efficiency. The advantages of the system are the result of its unique TRACE technology – a fascinatingly elegant method based on the basic research for which French chemist Jean-Marie Lehn received a Nobel Prize.

The result is an analysis system that yields maximum test performance with minimum hands-on time, and that is designed for continuous, patient-oriented operation. The homogeneous assay architecture makes washing and separating steps unnecessary and guarantees previously unachievable precision.

Based on continuous, kinetic measurement, highly concentrated out-of-range assays are automatically diluted after a maximum of five minutes. Priority processing of emergency assays at any time and online technical support are additional time-saving features of the system that ensure higher productivity
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