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Calibration Services - NATA & Traceable

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You can be confident our NATA accredited laboratories will have your instruments working in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. We also carry out non-NATA traceable calibrations should that be your requirement. Our convenient calibration agreements will ensure you are always notified when your assets are due for calibration. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have an onsite non-NATA traceable calibration service to minimise downtime and eliminate risks in transit of your sensitive equipment     ...View our NATA accreditations


Pressure Pressure
In our Scoresby Head Office we boast one of the best purpose built, NATA accredited Pressure Laboratory in Australia that enables us to provide our customers with high accuracy measurement and a certified uncertainty of 25 parts per million (ppm). We can calibrate pressure equipment from as low as -100kpa and as high as 70,000kpa. ...More


Electrical Electrical
Our NATA accredited Electrical Laboratory is used for the calibration of general purpose, low frequency electrical equipment. We can calibrate instruments to an accuracy of 10-20ppm for Volts, 30-160ppm for Current and 30ppm for Resistance. The electrical calibration system can also be utilised in our on-site calibration laboratory. ...More


Heat & Temperature Heat & Temperature
Our NATA accredited Heat and Temperature Laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled and capable of actual and simulated temperatures to an accuracy of 0.05ºC. The laboratory is also capable of non-NATA accredited humidity measurements of 10% to 90% at an accuracy of 2% ...More


Metrology Metrology
Thermo Fisher Scientific is capable of performing the NATA calibration of your balance equipment onsite, eliminating the need to transport such critical and delicate equipment. We are accredited to calibrate precision laboratory balances from 20ug up to 50kg and industrial balances from 1mg to 200kg.


Pipette Pipette
We calibrate, repair and service all makes and models of pipettes. Our Pipette Laboratory is NATA accredited for all pipette calibrations from 0.2μL to 60mL. Our Pipette Laboratory houses five and six place balances as per AS162.2-1998 and as the manufacturer of Finnpipettes, you benefit from easier warranty claims plus original and cost effective parts ...More


Viscometers and RefractometersViscometers & Refractrometers
We calibrate, repair and service a wide range of viscometers, rheometers and refractrometers. These services are available around Australia in all our service centres and our team of trained field technicians can perform onsite calibrations when required ...More


Water QualityWater Quality
Themo Fisher Scientific provide a wide range of calibration, maintenance and repair services for a vast range of water quality analysers. Our mission is to keep your instrumentation operating. Our highly trained technicians provide these services around the country and specialise in potable and waste water installations. Our preventative and comprehensive maintenance contracts are tailored to your specific needs. Water quality services ...More


Chemical & GasToxic & Flammable Gases
We offer gas detector calibrations and servicing to customers around the country for a wide range of portable and fixed gas detectors.  We can provide onsite calibrations using our fleet of mobile vans or laboratory calibrations in most capital cities. NATA accredited calibrations are available when and if required. Gas detector calibration service ...More


Mobile VansMobile Calibration Vans
NATA Calibration: We offer mobile NATA accredited vans in QLD and NSW that are able to perform the calibration of gas/chemical detectors onsite, thus reducing the amount of downtime of your instruments.
Non-NATA Tracable-Calibration: In addition to in-house testing we have mobile calibration vans in QLD and NSW that are able to perform calibration onsite, thus reducing the amount of downtime of your equipment:

- Pressure Measurement and Indication Instruments – ranges from -100kpa to 7000kpa
- Electrical Instruments – Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Portable Appliance Testers, RCD testers. All essential hand held instruments.
- Temperature probes and related instruments – negative 20degC and up to 650 degC.
 - High voltage gloves/sticks etc.

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