Pre-Clinical Imaging

Pre-clinical imaging systems are designed to identify disease pathways, determine mechanisms of action, evaluate drug compounds, and monitor their effects on disease progression in living animals.


Optical Imaging

In vivo bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging allows the non-invasive detection and quantification of labelled cells and molecules longitudinally in whole animals to aid in the study of diseases such as oncology, infectious disease, inflammation and others ...More

Open-Air Imaging

Open-air imaging of small and large animals allows for the translation from pre-clinical research into potential clinical utility ...More

Micro-CT Imaging

The Quantum series is the industry's leading ultra-fast, low dose in vivo micro-CT technology purposely designed for longitudinal imaging with optical co-registration enablement for both the IVIS Spectrum and FMT platforms ...More

PET Imaging

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) uses tracer amounts of short-lived radionuclides to produce high definition 3D images of functional processes in vivo to better understand biological events and bio-distribution of radiolabelled drugs non-invasively in animals ...More


The most comprehensive range of bioluminescent and fluorescent agents, cell lines, microorganisms, substrates and labels for in vivo imaging ...More


Living Image 4.0 software simplifies even the most advanced optical imaging protocol to facilitate success the first time and every time ...More


Accessory options for the IVIS imaging systems ...More

Animal Restrainers

Animal restrainers aid with the handling of laboratory animals and avoids bites, making it easier to perform routine procedures such as subcutaneous inject and tail vein bleeds ...More

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