Laboratory Glassware Catalogue

Glassware is one of the staple products used in every laboratory and in this glassware catalogue, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers you a range* and choice of products which will suit every budget ...Download catalogue

*While the catalogue is intended to showcase the main glassware products which are readily available, it is not all encompassing.

Kimble Chase Laboratory Glassware

Kimble Chase has a range of laboratory glassware products include beakers, bottles, burettes, cylinders, flasks, pipettes, chromatography columns, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) mobile phase, distillation, filtration and extraction systems ...Download catalogue (33 MB)

Glassco Laboratory Glassware

Glassco products include a range of interchangeable glassware, volumetric glassware, filtration glassware and general glassware. With an ISO calibration, Glassco products are guaranteed for precision as per the DIN, ISO, USP and ASTM standard ...Download catalogue (40 MB)

SciLabware Catalogue

SciLabware is trusted by generations of scientists, the original suppliers of the highest quality borosilicate glass and reusable plastics. This catalogue features over 3000 general purpose and specialised glassware and reusable plasticware products carrying some of the best name in science Pyrex®, Quickfit®, MBL® & Azlon®  ...Download catalogue

Wheaton® Product Catalogue

Wheaton® unrivaled quality in specialty glassware. Considered a niche supplier of laboratory ware, their range is quite large and covers many areas, including chemical analysis and life sciences  ...Download catalogue

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