Special Pricing On HM355S Fully Automated Rotary Microtome


Thermo Scientific™ HM355S Fully Automated Rotary Microtome
and Section Transfer System with Cool Cut

Maximise user comfort and application flexibility. The Thermo Scientific HM355S
effortlessly delivers the controlled, slow and even cutting required for harder specimens.

Special Offer:
Save on the HM355S with our special pricing available until 31st October, 2018.

Thermo Scientific HM355S
A fully automated microtome with four mechanised cutting modes to deliver exceptional sections across an extensive range of specimen types.
  • 72mm vertical stoke for efficient sectioning of SuperMega™ cassettes and other large samples
  • Choice of manual or mechanised sectioning
  • Single, hold, interval and continuous cutting modes for optimum control according to sectioning requirements
  • Unique double-tap start ensures only intentional operations
  • Compatible with Section Transfer System and Cool Cut for improved workflow
  • Programmable cutting window to define the sectioning area for more efficient sectioning
  • Memory Function for specimen positioning with XY fine orientation and wraparound waste tray to speed up preparation and clean up
  • Ergonomic removable control panel to suit user preferences
  • Emergency stop, manual and electronic brake

Simplify workflow at the microtome with two specially designed accessories which intergrate seamlessly with all Thermo Scientific rotary microtomes.

Thermo Scientific Section Transfer System
The process of manually transferring the ribbon to slide via a water bath presents significant potential for loss or damage to occur. The Section Transfer System uses a laminar water fl ow to transfer the ribbon directly into the adjoining illuminated water bath eliminating this risk. An invaluable tool for specimens which are particularly precious, the Section Transfer System is compatible with all the HM rotary microtomes and can be combined with the Cool Cut to maximise versatility.

Thermo Scientifc Cool Cut
Production of a superior section equal to and less than 4μm is determined by the solidity of the paraffin block. The rigidity of the block lessens as it heats up, requiring repeated transfer to ice. Cool Cut is a peltier cooled specimen clamp device which maintains the block at a constant temperature, thus extending cutting periods. As a result, histologists can cut step and serial sections more efficiently, reducing the time needed to section each block and consequently improving laboratory workflow.


Item Code Description Size Promo Price
APM905200K HM355S Microtome with universal clamp and low profile blade holder EA $26,995
APM905200STS HM355S Microtome with section transfer system and cool cut with standard clamp EA $35,995

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Offer valid until 31st October, 2018 to customers in Australia and New Zealand only. Discount is off list price only, no further discounts apply. All pricing excludes GST

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