Nalgene Vacuum Manifold with Free Filter Funnels

Vacuum Manifold Allow for easy funnel manipulation with the widely spaced outlets of the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Manifold. This stable benchtop unit is made of high quality stainless steel and has three vacuum outlets each with leakproof† two-way valve and vent port. Fits most filter units from major brands compatible with the No.8 stopper.

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Nalgene Vacuum Manifold

  • Outlets spaced for easy manipulation of individual filter funnels
  • Teflon™ stopcock on each valve shuts off flow when fewer than three outlets are used
  • Ideal for use with Nalgene reusable filter funnel with clamp
  • For use with Nalgene analytical filter funnels or Nagene test filter funnels
  • Includes three vacuum outlets, each with two-way valve and vent port; hose barb vacuum connector for 0.38″ (9.5mm) I.D. tubing.

Reusable Filter Funnel with Clamp

  • Tight fit prevents bypass even after autoclaving
  • Reservoir graduated from 100 to 250mL in 25mL increments
  • Aluminium clamp allows one-handed operation and easy membrane replacement
  • Rugged polysulfone funnel - also includes PPCO cover with three ports and friction-fit TPE caps, support plate for 47mm filter membranes, silicone gasket, No. 8 stopper (0.5625" hole), aluminium clamp

Item Code Description Promo Price  
NALDS0345-0001 Nalgene vacuum manifold with three outlets;
each with two-way valve and vent port;
hose barb vacuum connector for 0.38" ID tubing
$2,350.00 Request your CAPEX quote
NALDS0315-0047 250mL reusable funnel filter with clamp for 47-50mm diameter membrane 3x Free

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