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Safe 2020 Protect samples in research labs, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics with Thermo Scientific™ Safe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. Combined with the Night-set-back mode (reduced blower speed when the window is closed), the Safe 2020 BSC consumes hundreds of kilowatts less energy than competing cabinets, saving money and reducing the lab carbon footprint.

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  • Superior personnel and product protection with best-in-class air flow and filter technology
  • Exceptionally comfortable ergonomic design prevents user fatigue and promotes safe working habits
  • Maximized energy efficiency for environmental protection and significant cost savings
  • Smart Flow™ digital technology maintains consistent airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction
  • Optional crossbeam UV irradiation in both side walls illuminates entire working area—ensures thorough disinfection for maximum sample protection
  • Quiet: noise levels 56 or 58dbA, depending on model

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Item Code Description
HEA51026638BB Safe 2020 Biological Safety Cabinet 1.2 m Kit
with electronic front sash, side windows, UV light,
316 stainless steel construction, internal battery back-up and arm rests
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HEA50109312 Manual adjustable floor stand for KS/KSP 12
HEA50073670 Indented work surface 1200 mm wide
SVCHERBSC-CERT1 Thermo Scientific Biological Safety Cabinet Independant NATA Certification on Installation - Cold DOP Method

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