Colour Meters

Precise Colour Measurement for All Applications

From research to manufacturing environments, Konica Minolta's high performance, precise color measurement solutions help you formulate, evaluate, and control color to meet product quality and operational goals more efficiently. With our selection of colorimeters, spectrophotometers, gloss meters, software and light boots we have a solution which fits your application and operational needs.

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Item Code Description
MIN1878-291 Chroma Meter CR400 with data processor Request your CAPEX quote
MIN1878-864 Chroma Meter CR-400 measuring head only
MIN1878-297 Chroma Meter CR-410 with data processor
MIN1878-873 Chroma Meter CR-410 measuring head only
MINA80F-217 CR-20 Colour Reader
MINA80F-107 CR-10 Plus Colour Reader
MINA168-129 CM5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

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