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HM 355S Complete The Thermo Scientific™ HM 355S fully automated microtome has four mechanised cutting modes to deliver exceptional sections across an extensive range of specimen ranges. Suitable for both clinical and research applications.

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HM 355S Automatic Microtome

Section even the largest specimens with unmatched quality by using the Thermo Scientific™ HM 355S Fully Automatic Microtome. It is designed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research, and industrial labs.

Cool Cut Accessory

Maintain a cool, consistent temperature for paraffin blocks during the sectioning process with the Thermo Scientific Cool-Cut accessory. Fits only Thermo Scientific rotary microtomes.

Section Transfer System (STS)

Reduce repetitive motion disorders by automatically transferring section ribbons from the blade to the water bath with the Thermo Scientific™ Section Transfer System™. The process of manually transferring the ribbon to slide via a water bath presents significant potential for loss or damage to occur. The Section Transfer System uses a laminar water flow to transfer the ribbon directly into an adjoining illuminated water bath eliminating this risk.

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Item Code Description  
APM905200STS HM 355S Microtome with long stroke
Section Transfer System (including TE blade carrier)
Cool Cut with standard clamp
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