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Drying Ovens Your laboratory oven is an invaluable part of your daily workflow, enabling simple glassware drying to the most complex, controlled heating applications. Our heating and drying ovens portfolio ensures temperature stability and reproducibility for all your desired application needs. Helping to enable maximum efficiency, safety, and ease of use, Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ heating and drying ovens are designed with sample protection as a top priority.

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General Protocol Ovens

  • Operating temperatures from 50° to 250°C
  • Automatic over-temperature alarm system
  • Low overall energy consumption
  • Built in timer
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel chambers with rounded corners
  • Large, easy to read vacuum fluorescent display
  • Easy to use, microprocessor-controlled touch button operation
  • Doors can be opened at over 180°C

Advanced Protocol Ovens

  • Broad temperature range—up to 330°C
  • Adjustable fan speed for application-related airflow in mechanical convection models (e.g. drying of powders)
  • High speed for expedited drying and heating, quick recovery, and optimal temperature stability and uniformity
  • Programmable controller for temperature ramps and dwells
  • Up to 10 programs can be saved, each with 10 discrete steps
  • Features electronically controlled fan speed and damper position
  • Programs can be repeated automatically
  • Access port allows the introduction of sensors for independent data monitoring
  • Simple calibration routine ensures temperature accuracy over time
  • Boost function enables rapid heating up—no need to operate the oven 24/7 (not available in large capacity units)

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Item Code Description Temperature Range Convection Amps Promo Price
HEA51028139 General Protocol Oven 65 L 50 - 250°C Gravity 10 amp $1,950.00 Request your CAPEX quote
HEA51028140 General Protocol Oven 105 L 50 - 250°C Gravity 15 amp $2,900.00
HEA51028141 General Protocol Oven 176 L 50 - 250°C Gravity 15 amp $3,634.00
HEA51028148 General Protocol Oven 66 L 50 - 250°C Mechanical 10 amp $2,270.00
HEA51028149 General Protocol Oven 104 L 50 - 250°C Mechanical 15 amp $3,230.00
HEA51028150 General Protocol Oven 179 L 50 - 250°C Mechanical 15 amp $4,270.00
HEA51029328 General Protocol Oven 400 L Ambient + 5° - 250°C Gravity 15 amp $4,940.00
HEA51029340 General Protocol Oven 750 L Ambient + 5° - 250°C Gravity 15 amp $7,089.00
HEA51029331 Advanced Protocol Oven 400 L Ambient + 5° - 250°C Mechanical 15 amp $6,636.00
HEA51029345 Advanced Protocol Oven 750 L Ambient + 5° - 250°C Mechanical 15 amp $8,747.00

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