Consistent, Secure, Tight Seals for Microplates

Heat Sealer The Thermo Scientific ALPS heat sealers are the perfect addition to any lab, providing consistent, secure, tight seals for microplates. Choose from three options; ALPS30, ALPS50V or ALPS3000 heat sealer.

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ALPS 30 Heat Sealer

Perfect for sealing small numbers of plates in low- to medium-throughput applications, the ALPS30 unit is small enough to keep on the bench and not take up a lot of space. Its simple, ergonomic manual operation provides quick, efficient sealing at your fingertips.

  • Compatible with virtually any height microplate or block, including PCR plates
  • Comes standard with three adapters to accommodate most plate types
  • Can be operated with the wide range of Thermo Scientific heat seals for any application, including pierceable, optically-clear and permanent seals
  • Consistent heat seal provides dependable protection for your PCR or sample storage plates
  • Prevents contamination and evaporation, yielding more reliable results
  • Features a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating
  • LED indicator lights show when power is on and when unit is heating
  • Small and lightweight–easy to carry
  • Small footprint–doesn’t take up a lot of bench space
  • Three adapters included to accommodate most plate types:
    • PCR Plates
    • Deepwell plates and blocks
    • Standard-height 96- or 384-format plates

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ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat Sealer

Apply consistent, secure, tight seals around individual wells, eliminating sample loss through evaporation and cross contamination between wells. The Thermo Scientific™ ALPS™ 50 V Microplate Heat Sealer is designed to provide sealing consistency in low to medium throughput labs. Heat sealing offers superior sample protection of storage and reaction plates in applications including compound storage, sample archiving and PCR. Choose from a wide range of heat seals — including pierceable, optically clear and permanent — for any application.

  • Semi-automated ALPS 50V sealer secures tight seals around individual wells.
  • Superior sample protection of storage and reaction plates in applications includes compound storage, sample archiving and PCR.
  • Choose from a wide range of heat seals, including piercable, optically clear and permanent.
  • Simple on-board touch pad controls adjust sealing temperature and time for reproducible results.
  • Audible alarm indicates sealing completion.
  • Compact footprint conserves bench space.
  • Counter lever handle design provides minimal strain when operating the instrument.
  • Lighweight, 7.2kg sealer allows for easy relocation.

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ALPS 3000

ALPS 3000 Heat Sealer

Quickly seal in heat with the Thermo Scientific™ ALPS 3000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer. This compact sealer is designed for optimal robotic integration in high throughput labs, yet still allows for manual benchtop control.

  • Top-loaded seals are easily accessible
  • Seven available sealing options
  • Seals up to 10 plates per minute (six seconds/plate)
  • Light with a small footprint (165 × 405mm), takes up less precious bench space than comparable instruments
  • Available with a variety of available heat seals meet any laboratory application, including PCR, coulorimetric, fluorescence, long term storage, low temperature storage, piercing and resealing
  • On-board touch screen operation for benchtop use and and RS232 port with included ASCII programming parameters for robotic integration
  • Sensors detect the presence of sealing tape and plate
  • Air input allow for automatic system shutoff to eliminate product waste, system hold-ups and potential injury

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Item Code Description Promo Price
ABGAB-0400 ALPS30 manual microplate heat sealer $4,900.00 Request your CAPEX quote
ABGAB-1443A ALPS50 automated microplate heat sealer $5,950.00
ABGAB-3000 ALPS3000 semi-automated microplate heat sealer $45,500.00

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