Gain Confidence In Your UV-Vis Results

Evolution 200 Series Spectrophotometers For sophisticated analysis in the modern research laboratory or in the regulated QA/QC lab, you can rely on the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ series UV-Vis spectrophotometers for accurate results – analysis after analysis.

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We offer a choice of three Evolution models that feature:

  • Double beam optical design to correct for changing absorbance of the sample matrix
  • Fixed and variable spectral bandwidth models
  • Powerful Thermo Scientific™ INSIGHT™ software offers multiple options for both simple and advanced analyses
  • Accessories provide flexibility to measure any sample type; software instantly identifies and configures installed accessories
  • Software ensures data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant SOPs

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Item Code Description Promo Price
UNI840-210800-PR1 Evolution 201 Computer Control UV-Vis $8,512.00 Request your CAPEX quote
UNI840-210600-PR1 Evolution 220 Computer Control UV-Vis $10,170.00
UNI840-211000-PR1 Evolution 260 Bio Computer Control UV-Vis $10,650.00

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Computer not included. Offer valid to 30/6/18 to customers in Australia only. Discount is off list price only, no further discounts apply. All pricing excludes GST

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