Keep Safe With PowderSafe Ductless Balance Enclosures

Airclean Ductless Enclosures AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ Balance Enclosures are the solution to weighing of potent compounds and chemicals. Engineered for safety and balance stability, each enclosure is constructed from materials that offer exceptional durability as well as ease of cleaning.

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  • Enclosures ship fully assembled
  • Constant monitoring for the face velocity with variable airflow
  • No ductwork required
  • Plug and play - no technician install require
  • Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly
  • Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
  • Brushless, sparkless blower is post-filter

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Item Code Description  
AMTAC710C220 AC710 Airclean 800 mm PowderSafe Type A Enclosure Request your CAPEX quote
AMTAC720C220 AC720 Airclean 1200 mm PowederSafe Type A Enclosure
AMTAC730C220 AC730 AirClean 800 mm PowderSafe Type B Enclosure
AMTAC740C220 AC740 AirClean 1200 mm PowderSafe Type B Enclosure
AMTAC770C220 AC770 Airclean 1200 mm PowderSafe Type C Enclosure

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