Hand Held Array

This 12 PU mini array is used for the standard Microflown hand held acoustic camera. With the acoustic camera you can make acoustic pictures. Real time visualisations can be made of Impedance, Sound Pressure, Particle Velocity and Sound Intensity. This can be very usefull for example sound localisation / mapping or end of line control of products. The handheld version is developed to provide a portable solution, so easy and quick scanning of surfaces is possible ...Request information

PU Match Array

If spacing is important or small objects need to be measured with a high spatial resolution, then the PU match array will be extremely suitable. Acoustic pictures of small objects like miniature pumps, electric motors, etc. can easily and quickly be displayed. The resolution can be in the order of 1mm ...Request information

Configurable Array

The PU probe methodology allows a completely free configuration of the measurement point positions in the measurement grid. There are no requirements on the number of sensors per frequency wavelength. At the position of the sensor directly both sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured. A finer mesh of PU probes can be placed at the position of interest, e.g. an expected acoustic hot spot, providing high resoltion information. Due to the one point methodology it is possible to configure any grid configuration you need ...Request information

Scattered Array

A scattered array is not like the other arrays (probes fixed on a grid), here the probes are mounted directly on the structure. This sometimes is required as the shape of the object to be measured is very curvy. A good example of the use for a scattered array is measurements inside a car- panel noise contribution analysis. Typically, when you are doing sound source localisation/panel noise contribution in automotive applications, most of the structures aren't flat. The mounting for the scattered array is designed so that the PU mini probe is mounted vibrationless from the surface to be measured so that it doesn't move with the structure. This technique can also be applied in other applications such as measuring sound intensity on very large structures ...Request information

Cage Array

A cylindrical cage array can be used with PU mini probes and USP mini probes. A special metal mesh is covering the probe for protection and can also be used as a wind shield.
PU mini probes- A cylindrical configuration of PU mini probes allows the measurement of the normal sound intensity leaving an imaginary envelope beyond an engine exhaust. Dimensions and density of the mesh of probes probes can be customised to a certain set up.
USP mini probes- A cylindrical configuration of USP mini probes allows the measurement of the three dimensional sound field around an exhaust, providing directivity and phase information, allowing, amongst others, azimuthal reconstruction. Dimensions and density of the mesh of probes can be customised ...Request information

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